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Chief Judy Wilson


Chief Wilson has served her community for ten years as chief and eight years as a council member. She is a strong advocate for recognition of inherent title and rights and self-determination and for the fundamental shifts needed for the survival of all Peoples. These shifts involve transitioning to clean energy (not depending on fossil fuels or pipelines), changing consumer purchasing patterns away from big conglomerates toward local foods and lifestyles, supporting and maintaining traditional food security and harvesting, lessening our footprint on the land, and restoring lands, lakes, rivers, and oceans.

Chief Wilson's education includes public administration with focus on governance, public relations, and media (audio-visual production, book publishing, broadcast journalism, and web planning). She has experience as a data technician, communications officer, project developer, news reporter, broadcast manager, and marketing coordinator.

​Chief Wilson is currently a member of the following boards and committees: the Union of BC Indian Chiefs Executive (as Secretary-Treasurer), the First Nations Leadership Council, the Assembly of First Nations Comprehensive Claims Policy Committee, the BC Specific Claims Working Group, the BC Small Business Roundtable, the Secwepemc Chiefs Health Caucus, the Rural BC/Southern Interior Beetle Action Coalition, and several other community-based committees. She has formerly served on the BC-Canada Tripartite Children and Family Working Group, the BC All-Chiefs Task Force, the First Nations Child and Family Wellness Council, the First Nations Technology Council, and the Secwepemc Cultural Education Society.

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