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Melissa Moses


Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs Women's Representative, Melissa Moses, upholds the MMIWG Calls for Justice. Her work empowers Indigenous women and girls and strengthens the collective safety and wellness of Indigenous communities. In addition to being UBCIC’s Women’s Representative, a role which is integral to promoting the equality and welfare of Indigenous women and girls, Melissa Moses is an accomplished Muay Thai and self-defense Instructor, and the first female Indigenous Muay Thai instructor to be certified by the Sport Authority of Thailand and the Naikhanomtom Association in both Canada and the U.S. She is the Founder, Owner and Chief Instructor of Nicola Valley Muay Thai and Self-Defense and she has devoted her life and channeled her wealth of knowledge, expertise and passion for protecting and empowerment Indigenous women and girls. Melissa’s goal is to conduct a series of self defense seminars in Indigenous communities and reserves across British Columbia. These self-defense seminars will create safe and inclusive spaces to teach Indigenous women and girls how to defend themselves in common scenarios of violence and assault allowing them to begin healing and find catharsis from trauma. She plays an intricate role in HOTM as a Founding Council member, Core Faculty and Founding Facilitator of the Organization. Melissa Moses is a Nlaka’pamuz, Syilx and Stl’atl’imx woman, born and raised in the heart of Nicola Valley and a pound member of the Lower Nicola Indian Band.

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