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Wisdom from the Elders


Here we honor our Elders' Wisdom, as we know they hold the knowledge to help us on our path forward. 


HOTM collects and features Elders in the Indigenous communities on Turtle Island who will share with us how we can come together, heal and rise from the MMIWG crisis. 


We thank them for their love, courage and leadership in the movement to end the Murdered and Missing tragedy.  We look to them for guidance and value their sacred wisdom.  


We are asking for anyone in the Native community in the U.S. or Canada to ask an Elder that you know and respect about our Murdered and Missing Relatives and the crisis we continue to face.  Ask for their wisdom on how they think we can survive, end and rise above this crisis?


Ask for permission to either record or write down what the Elder shares.  You can submit this video, audio or written summary along with the name, Tribe/First Nation, and if permitted, an image of the Elder to relative@houseofthemoon.org 


We will post what we receive here on this site as a gathering of wisdom from our Elders across Turtle Island as a way to honor, listen and receive guidance from their sacred messages.


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