Indigenous Women & Girls Empowerment and Self-Defense Training Program

House of the Moon

Launching Fall 2020

Be a part of our growing tribe that includes any person or organization devoted to ending the MMIWG crisis, one Relative at a time.

House of the Moon is a grassroots and Indigenous led holistic healing and

restoration movement for those impacted by the Murdered and Missing

Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) tragedy on Turtle Island.


Indigenous women are some of the most resilient, resourceful and creative people

in the world.  Being reminded of women's inherent power as life-givers and

by having access to the necessary support and resources, change can and will happen. 


House of the Moon believes that together with many hands,

hearts and voices we can restore sacred reverence

and innate power to the life-givers, ending the MMIWG tragedy,

one relative at a time.


House of the Moon

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Empowerment & Self-Defense Training Program

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