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Our Spring 2022 Facilitator Training Has Launched!

Gathering together, focusing on the Medicine; the Life-Givers!

Welcome to House of the Moon


Strengthening Our Relations,
Rooted in Tradition,
Reclaiming Our Power and Worth,
One Sacred Relative at a Time!


House of the Moon is a grassroots and Indigenous led holistic healing and restoration movement on Turtle Island designed to end the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women
and Girls (MMIWG) tragedy through the empowerment of Indigenous women.

The heartbeat of the organization is a holistic Empowerment and Self-Defense Facilitator Training  program  designed for women to learn physical, mental, emotional and spiritual empowerment and self-defense tools and practices rooted in Traditional Knowledge.  The program's curricula embraces a comprehensive approach to healing, learning, and empowerment.  Our focus is to restore reverence to the Lifegivers, renew a strong web of sisterhood, and support women in reclaiming their inherent worth, strength, and sovereignty.  

House of the Moon belongs first to every single

Missing and Murdered Indigenous woman and girl,
whose power, spirit and light remain with us, guiding
each step of this movement. We must match their
profound courage and together as many hands,
hearts and voices, restore sacred reverence and
innate power to the life-givers, ending the
MMIWG tragedy, one relative at a time.

House of the Moon 


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"A Nation is not conquered until the hearts of its women are on the ground."

Cheyenne Wisdom

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