A Unified Gathering Place

In the spirit of We Are All Related, we invite you to be a part of our growing cross-cultural family that includes any person or organization devoted to ending the MMIWG crisis,

one Relative at a time.



House of the Moon is a grassroots, Indigenous led holistic healing and restoration movement designed to address the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women & Girls (MMIWG) Crisis in the U.S and Canada through the empowerment of Indigenous women and communities. The heartbeat of the organization is a Holistic Empowerment & Self-Defense Facilitator Training Program for women to learn physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual empowerment and self-defense tools and practices rooted in Traditional knowledge. The program’s curriculum embraces a decolonized approach to healing, learning, and empowerment. Our focus is to restore reverence, renew a strong web of sisterhood, and support women and communities in reclaiming their inherent leadership abilities and sovereignty.


This is not just a program, we are uniting to save lives.

It is a holistic empowerment and self-defense training program designed for Indigenous women to directly reduce the epidemic of rape, murder and kidnapping for trafficking on reservations and in urban areas with large Indigenous populations. 

In order to systemically change the trajectory of the MMIWG crisis, our process, communication and organization must be rooted in Traditional values and decolonized approaches to learning and healing.  HOTM is committed to reclaiming inherent strength, Traditional wisdom and diverse pathways to healing our Women and our Indigenous communities resulting in the ending this 500 year old crisis.



House of the Moon's Holistic Empowerment and Self-Defense Facilitator Training is designed for Indigenous women to learn physical, mental, emotional and spiritual empowerment and self-defense tools and practices rooted in Traditional Knowledge.  The program's curricula embraces a comprehensive approach to healing, learning, and empowering Indigenous women with the goal of reducing and eliminating Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls, proactively addressing the crisis, one sacred relative at a time! 


The training is grounded in tradition, restores reverence to the Lifegivers, creates a web of sisterhood, and supports women in reclaiming their inherent worth, strength, and sovereignty.  


Upon successful completion of the Facilitator training program, women will receive a 200 Hour  House of the Moon (HOTM) Facilitator Graduate Certificate of Completion.  This certificate qualifies graduates to Facilitate House of the Moon Empowerment and Self-Defense Gatherings in their own communities.  


Because Empowered Indigenous Women, Empower Indigenous Communities!  

This breakthrough facilitator training program will be led by a diverse faculty of powerful Indigenous leaders, activists and change-makers, offering knowledge, support and resources to empower Indigenous women's innate leadership abilities and inherent strength and courage.


Our Four-Directions holistic model to training includes Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual empowerment and self-defense tools and practices based in Traditional Knowledge and Ways. 

In alignment with our core values, HOTM training program seeks to create a strong web of sisterhood among the trainees and support for our future Facilitators with "care for the care-givers".  Our intention is for the Facilitator Trainees to not only gain knowledge, but feel empowered, nourished and experience healing throughout the process.  An empowered Facilitator equals an empowered community.

Following completion of the curricula portion of the program, facilitators will have the opportunity to create their own lesson plans based on the program's core values and framework.  They will then be able to hold HOTM classes in their respective Native communities and learn how to facilitate either online or in-person gatherings (when circumstances permit) with their unique skill-set and gifts.

  • Chief Judy Wilson: Union of BC Indian Chiefs Executive/Chief of Neskonlith Indian Band of the Shushwap Nation

  • Shelly Fyant, Chairwoman of Confederated Salish Kootenai Tribes

  • Jami Pluff:  Policy Analyst, and former Vice Chairwoman of Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes

  • Tina Bierle: Program Manager, Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council (RMTLC)

  • Rynalea Whiteman Pena: President, Northern Cheyenne Tribe

  • Erin E. Mitchell, Founder of Nation Unsevered

  • Chief Judy Wilson: Union of BC Indian Chiefs Executive/Chief of Neskonlith Indian Band of the Shushwap Nation

  • Elaine Alec

  • Annita Mcphee

  • Rain Bear Stands Last, Executive Director of Global Indigenous Council

  • Mikase Camp-Horinek

  • Amelia Washington

  • LoVina Louie, Coeur d'Alene/Colville/Nez Perce

  • Liana Brooks Rubin

  • Guy Baker

  • TJ Hammond

Program Rooted in

  • Care for the Caregivers - Powerful Support, a Web of Sisterhood and Self-Care 

  • Regeneration of Self-Worth, Empowerment, Healing and Self-Definition of Indigenous Women, Girls and Communities

  • Restoration and Holistic Healing of the Sacred Feminine

  • Teaching through Traditional Knowledge, Culture and Indigenous Wisdom

  • Fostering Powerful Relations:  Inter-Tribal and Cross-Cultural 

  • Restoring the Foundational Role and Reverence for Life-Givers and Two Spirited

  • Restore Sacred Masculine Feminine Relationship Balance

  • De-Colonized Language, Ideology and Systems

  • Sovereignty and Self-Definition; Instill Agency defined as the capacity of individuals to act independently and to make choices based on unique Cultural perspectives and personal gifts