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Holistic Empowerment & Self-Defense Facilitator Training


for Indigenous Women



Spring Training Launches on

March 22, 2022

We are so happy to announce that we

have received our limit of applications

for the 2022 Spring Training! 

Thank you to all those who applied.  


200 Hour Virtual Training (over 6 months) - including a 4 Day Destination Retreat at Yellowstone National Park

House of the Moon's Holistic Empowerment and Self-Defense Facilitator Training is designed for Indigenous women to learn physical, mental, emotional and spiritual empowerment with self-defense tools and practices rooted in Traditional Knowledge.  The program's curricula embraces a comprehensive approach to healing, learning, and empowering Indigenous women with the goal of reducing and eliminating Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls, proactively addressing the crisis, one sacred relative at a time! 


The training is grounded in tradition, restores reverence to the Life-Givers, creates a web of sisterhood, and supports women in reclaiming their inherent worth, strength, and sovereignty.  

Upon successful completion of the program, trainees will receive a 200 HR  House of the Moon (HOM) Facilitator Graduate Certificate of Completion.  This certificate qualifies you to Facilitate House of the Moon Empowerment and Self-Defense Gatherings in your own communities.  


Because Empowered Indigenous Women, Empower Indigenous Communities!  

This training will be led by a diverse faculty of powerful Indigenous leaders, activists and change-makers.


It was created for those who share the vision that we are always stronger together and that we can no longer wait for governments and corporations to change the trajectory of this crisis. 

House of the Moon Facilitator Training is committed to the personal growth and empowerment of Indigenous women and communities across Turtle Island. Whether you are interested in your own healing and empowerment path or you feel the call to facilitate empowerment and self-defense gatherings in your own community, this program is FOR YOU!

Graduates of the HOM program will have the opportunity to continue to facilitate gatherings after graduation in their own communities in culturally relevant ways using their own strengths and passions.




  • This training will take place over the course of 7 months beginning on March 22, 2022 and Graduation on October 11, 2022. 

  • A majority of the sessions are virtual and take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings; 5:30 - 7:30 PM (PST). 

  • There is an in-person 4 Day Healing Retreat in Yellowstone National Park scheduled for June 1-6, with the 1st and 6th to be used as travel days, and the retreat days on June 2,3,4 & 5th.  

  • There are two, 4 hour virtual sessions on April 5th and 7th that run from 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM (PST).

  • There will be a 4-week summer break in late July/August.

  • During the month of September, trainees will be required to Facilitate 6 Empowerment and Self-Defense Gatherings in their own communities either in-person or virtually.

  • There will be evening group healing, sharing and organizational meeting sessions scheduled alternating between Mondays and Wednesdays  1x per month throughout the year.  Trainees will be invited to attend some of these gatherings.  It is not mandatory to attend, but encouraged.



  • Please be prepared to be present for each session, if you have to miss one, a recording will be provided afterwards but in-person presence is required for these virtual sessions.

The training is specially designed to provide a rich environment for strengthening relations, Traditional Knowledge, healing, learning and growth. The program will provide you with a safe space to process and learn, a strong foundation, a network of support, and holistic tools for healing, empowerment and self-defense.  HOM guidelines and framework will support you in bringing what you learned to your own community in culturally relevant ways, simply and powerfully.   While you will need to adhere to the guidelines and framework designed specifically by our Founding Council and Advisers, you will still have much flexibility and sovereignty with which to conduct the gatherings, using your own strengths, cultural traditions and passions.


Training modules are meant to draw a connection between holistic empowerment, self-definition, and the MMIWG crisis.




  • Historical and Inter-Generational Trauma and Healing

  • The Origins of MMIWG

  • Historical Biographies of Indigenous Women Warriors

  • The Role of Social Media in Violence Against Women & Youth

  • Traditional Ways:  The Balance of the Sacred Masculine and Feminine

  • Cultivating Safe Spaces for Self and Community

  • What is Lateral Violence and How it Undermines Our Greatest Strength 

  • Traditional and Ceremonial Healing Protocols

  • Physical and Non-Physical Self-Defense

  • Indigenous Food Sovereignty

  • Environmental Racism

  • Recognizing Victim Predatory Dynamics

  • Human Trafficking

  • How to Use Virtual Platforms to Facilitate Powerful Gatherings

  • Guidelines and Framework for Facilitating HOM Community Gatherings

  • Practice Facilitating with Loving Feedback

  • Personal Development

  • Self-Care Tools and Practices

  • Becoming the Leader that You Are and that your Community Needs

  • Trauma - Informed Facilitating

  • Honoring MMIWG victims and families

  • And more...




  • Be an Indigenous woman or identify as a woman

  • Be at least 23 years of age

  • Have a passion for supporting your community to heal and strengthen

  • Have a desire to be on your own personal healing journey




INCLUDED in the Training:  (conditional to trainee's ability to successfully complete the program)


  • 4-day Healing Retreat that includes 5 nights lodging and all food plus travel expenses to and from retreat destination

  • All Training Module Presentations 

  • All processing sessions with Support Moderator

  • Access to lesson plans from presenters and fellow facilitators to use for your gatherings

  • As needed, additional "Care for the Care-givers Group Healing Sessions" throughout the training

  • 2 Private Healing Sessions with Cultural Practitioner

  • Welcome Gift Boxes 

  • Framed Graduation Certificate

  • Graduation Gifts

  • Access to all future trainings' presentations 

  • Access to password protected recordings and materials for all presentations from your training* 

  • Facilitator alumni benefits 

  • Ongoing support and sisterhood amidst a growing HOM community


HOM is a grassroots led initiative and as participants, there are several options to cover the costs of your training:  




1) House of the Moon pairs you with a Sponsor(s) 

2) Seek out a Sponsor or partial Sponsorship on your own (Do you work for or know of an organization that would sponsor you to take this training?  Or would your Tribe or First Nation consider sponsoring you or a portion of your training?)

3) There is a Pay Direct option  


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