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Erin E. Mitchell


Erin E. Mitchell, Founder and Executive Director of Nation Unsevered an organization dedicated to advancing opportunities for empowerment and reclamation of reverence for Indigenous women, girls, and communities through the process of conscious reconciliation.

She believes that Indigenous women and communities hold keys to our very human survival and preservation of the Earth. Erin understands that until non-Indigenous individuals reckon with the deep wounds inflicted on the original peoples due to the “founding” of our Nations, that we will remain in a perpetual state of ecological, spiritual, psychological, and physical pain and disease. The historical reality and trauma must be acknowledged for there to be true healing.

She has been supporting Indigenous-led initiatives in both Canada and the US since 2018 when she first learned about the Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) crisis. As a survivor of sexual assault and sexual abuse herself, she is a passionate advocate and ally for Indigenous women everywhere, who are consistently the most vulnerable to violence. She stood in support with Native women and leaders lobbying key US Senators and Congresspeople on Capitol Hill for Savannah’s Act, helped Indigenous-led efforts to galvanize public support for the grizzly bear to be returned to Endangered Species Act protections, and raised funding to launch the national MMIWG billboard campaign initiated by the Global Indigenous Council.

She has been increasing mainstream public awareness of the ongoing MMIWG tragedy for over 5 years, garnering support from non-Indigenous people to address the crisis which claims thousands of Native women and girls annually all over North America.

Erin is following Justice Murray Sinclair’s leadership, who led Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission in 2015, by advancing recognition that every single Canadian, American, and Mexican has a role to play toward healing and justice of the First Peoples of the Americas. As Justice Sinclair said, “Words of apology alone are insufficient, concrete actions on both symbolic and material fronts are required.”

Erin has a B.A. in History and Women’s Studies and two master’s degrees in Chinese Medicine. She previously owned and operated a holistic wellness center, is an Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist, registered Yoga teacher and Certified Cultivating Safe Spaces Facilitator. She has been a racial and environmental justice activist for over 20 years and was the Program Director for Baltimore Bioneers conference in 2008. She launched four small businesses in less than two decades and she uses her entrepreneurial skillsets, holistic health experience and vision for holistic healing and justice in support of House of the Moon.

She is a Founding Council member of House of the Moon (HOM) and raised 100% of the seed funding to launch its first pilot training program which included 8 Indigenous women from the U.S. and Canada. In collaboration with the Founding Council and Circle of Advisors, all Indigenous leaders from North America, she is acting Program Director (a fully volunteer role for the pilot program) for the HOM Holistic Empowerment and Self-Defense Pilot Trainings.

She is the daughter of the late John J. Mitchell and the late Susan Farrell Mitchell and her immediate grandparents, Benjamin and Mary (mother’s) and Thomas and Hilda (father’s) are of mainly Irish and German descent. Her 4th generation grandmother on her father’s side was Lenni-Lenape (Delaware).

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