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Minnie Kenoras Grinder

Minnie Kenoras Grinder

Neskonlith Elder Minnie Kenoras Grinder is from the Northern Secwépemc near Clinton, B.C. where she was born and raised. Currently she is 84 years old and continues to “Live off the Land” hunting, fishing, harvesting berries, roots, medicines and making baskets and crafts.

She gave "House of the Moon" it's sacred name. She said, "The name came after a Moon Ceremony last year. It was explained that the trail to the house of the moon, is as the Ancestor’s message to look after our people who are lost, suffered tragedies or have no where to go.

The trail to the House Of the Moon is now somewhere for them to go for healing, prayers and ceremonies to help these ones to reclaim themselves and revitalize themselves and their Nations.

We all are coming together to pick ourselves up, support one another and not let the colonial past define who we are or to continue to oppress us.

Mother Earth, just like our heavenly connections, we need take care of it and it is the way then they take care of us—it is the interconnection between all things."

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